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We are a bunch of fun-loving people who, like the majority of us, working and slogging just to make ends meet. What satisfaction did we get out of it? And more importantly, how can we bring the fun factor back to our daily lives? ShareKool was thus created for that very simple reason; what we wanted is for people to have fun, and actually enjoy what they are 'working' for, at the same time. Our social interactive platform aims to promote the basic instincts of sharing, and in the process, enrich and enhance each individual's existing lifestyle. Our goals are simple, and always will be. Through our sharing activities, we aim to help our users increase their disposable income, enjoy benefits and rewards, as well as be a part of a unique and fun-loving community, where everyone will: SHARE AND HAVE MORE

6 Unique Features of our app

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How long do you spent on your mobile devices every day? Travelling in the train or bus? Waiting for the lift? Walking to your destination? Waiting for friends? In the loo?

A study has shown that an average smartphone user tends to spend about 2 hours a day using their gadgets. Browsing the internet took up an average of 24 minutes. The rest of the activities may include checking social networks, listening to music, playing games, making calls, texting, reading emails, ebooks, watch video and taking photographs.

Have you imagined, converting the time spent into extra benefits?

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Merchants and big brand companies spent tens of thousands of dollars for a commercial production. They will spend another huge sum of money, on airing the commercial with your local TV Station and billboards just to get your attention. Their main purpose is to create awareness for their new launch products or services. The production and multimedia companies earn the bucks from them to reach out to you. What about you?

It's time to give back to the ones who matters the most, the END CONSUMERS! It's time to be rewarded by watching all these commercial.

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There's a saying "There is no FREE LUNCH in this world!" We like to prove this wrong. There is, if you share.

We have implemented a point system for all our different modules. When you watch an ads, video, post or rent an item, provide or hire a service with the aid of our Kool Buddies, points will be given.

The points are accumulative and can be used to redeem for gifts or vouchers from the list found in Sh@rePerks module. There will be monthly contest for our Kool Buddies to compete against each other. The Kool Buddy with the highest accumulated Sh@rePerks points for the month will win instance prizes.

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Sh@reMe provides a portal for individual to change their lifestyle formula. Your Lifestyle will be determined by these few components - Time, Interest, Money.

  • Some of us hate to do housework, while others do it for the money.
  • Some of us are born with musical talents, while others wish to cultivate it.
  • Some of us likes photography, while others love to be photographed.

Be it your interest or that task that you need help with, Sh@reMe will be the ideal platform to find your match.

If you want to post a task or tell the world your skills and talents...

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The National Environment Agency has published the latest 2012 waste statistics and recycling rate for Singapore. In 2012, about 7.3 million tonnes of waste was generated in Singapore, and each person generated around 1,370 kg of waste in a year. The top 5 waste types make up 75% of the total waste generated in Singapore are ferrous metal, construction debris, paper cardboard, plastic and food waste.

In 2010, the total generation of waste from economic activities and households from the 27 countries in the European Union amounted to 2,502 million tonnes.

Where did all the waste go to?

If you want to rent or rent out your items?

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Qns: What is better than cheap and good deals?

Ans: Free!


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Body/Skin Care

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Kids World

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Food & Beverage

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"The sharing of joy, whether physical, emotional, psychic, or intellectual forms a bridge between the sharers which can be the basis for understanding much of what is not shared between them, and lessens the threat of their difference."

Quoted: Audre Lorde


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    ShareKool is a social app that encourages user to form a community that promote sharing. There are six unique features, Sh@reAds, Sh@reVid, Sh@reMe, Sh@reUse, Sh@reMart and Sh@rePerks in the app.

    User will be able to earn points to redeem for rewards, play games and even post tasks or their skills and talents. Users can even rent or rent out item among themselves.

    There's even a shopping mart where buyers can buy things and redeem for free from our Kool Buddies system.


    Have your friends become your Kool Buddies when you invite them through Twitter, Facebook or even scanning your QR Code.

    You can form your own sharing community and enjoy the fun and the rewards with our Kool Buddies system.

  • Hi, I'm Koolby

    "Like" us on Facebook and participate in our contests to win special treats. You can also download our app from App Store and Google Play.

    Join me in the fun today and start sharing.

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